Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reasons Why I Reasearched Monroe & why People Admire Her

Monroe as an Actress

Monroe as a Model

Monroe as a Singer

Monroe as a Film Producer

"The Asphalt Jungle"

"All About Eve"

"Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"

"Dumb Blonde" Persona

"How To Marry A Millionaire"

"The Seven Year Itch"

Monroe Recieving her Golden Globe Award

"Bus Stop"

American Sex Symbol

"The Prince and The Showgirl"

Marilyn Monroe

In this blog, I will be explaining why I chose to do my research project on Monroe, why people admire her so much and some oher pertinent information will be added. Well I chose Marilyn Monroe as my topic mainly because she is so famous and i always hear about her. She was an actress, singer, model, and flm producer. Monroe came out in the first PlayBoy magazine. Monroe is mainly known as an American Sex Symbol. I found an interest in her because alot of my family members talk about her and have portrats and large or small photos of her. I also decided o do research on her to learn more about her and who she really is. My two main questions were, "What's Marilyn Monroe's real name?" and "Why is she so famous?" . Well, while i was doing my research I found that her real name was, Norma Jeane Mortenson. Marilyn is so famous because she has often been cited as a Pop and Cultural Icon. As for in movies, Monroe came out in "The Asphault Jungle" and "All About Eve" . Her leading role "Dumb Blonde" persona was used as comedy in "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes", "How to Marry A Millionaire", and "The Seven Year Itch". Monroe recieved a Golden Globe Nomination for "Bus Stop". She also recieved a BAFTA Award and won a David Di Donatello Award in "The Prince and The Showgirl". Monroe played many movies and was actually just very famous !

The Evolution & Locations Of Marilyn Monroe

Monroe in Aircraft Factory

Orphans Home in LA

Marilyn Monroe's Home

San Francisco City Hall

Monroe & Arthur Miller at there Marriage at A Jewish Ceremony

In this blog i will be talking about Marilyn Monroe's evolution and her locations. Monroe was born in 1926 and died 1962. Monroe did not live with her mother her whole life. Monroe's mother's best friend took custody of Monroe around the age seven . Grace McKee took custody of her in the year 1933. Then she was sent to an orphans home in Los Angeles, CA , in the year 1935 . Then two years later in 1937 Grace took her back , but then later she was sent with Grace's Great Aunt.  She was not there for long until she moved with her own aunt. She was actually stable for a while until her Aunt Ana developed health issues. Monroe did not want to move back to a foster home so she married James Dougherty in 1942. Around the year 1946, she began to start modeling. Monroe also worked in the aircraft factory during the World WAR 2. In 1948, Monroe signed a contract with 20th Century FOX. Monroe divorced James Dougherty in 1948 as well . In 1954, she got married to Joe DiMaggio . Then they divorced in the same year as well. In the year 1956, she married Arthur Miller and divorced him in 1961. Now I will be describing the locations of some of the events in Monroe's Life. Monroe was born at LA County Hospital. She died at her own home in Brentwood, Los Angeles , CA . Monroe Studied at Actors Studio in New York to broaden her range. She also studied at Actors Lab for Acting in LA. Monroe spent of her childhood in foster homes. She mainly grew up in Hawthorne, CA , Compton, CA , and Van Nys, LA, CA. She rests at Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Westwood, LA, CA. Her marriage with Joe DiMaggio took place at San Francisco City Hall. She married James Dougherty in a ceremony. Lastly, she married Arthur Miller in a Civil Ceremony. Then two days later wedded in a Jewish Ceremony.  

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Monroe,Marilyn: People and Issues Associated in Her Life

Arthur Miller & Monroe

Joe DiMaggio & Marilyn Monroe

James Dougherty & Marilyn Monroe

Gladys Pearl Baker

Grace McKee

Aunt Ana & Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe had many people associated in her life . She also had many issues associated in her life . In this blog I will be describing the people and issues associated with her . The first person I will be mentioning is , Gladys Pearl Baker , Monroe's mother . Although Monroe wasn't really raised by her mother , she did take some part in her life. Gladys's best friend , Grace McKee , took custody of Monroe around the age seven . After that Monroe's actual first foster parents were Albert and Ida Bolender . Monroe Lived with them for about two years then she moved back with Grace . Grace ten got married to a man named, Doc Goddard . It wasn't long before he sexually assaulted Monroe . So Then Monroe had to move again and was sent with her Aunt Ana . Monroe was stable with her aunt until her aunt developed health problems .So she was sent with Grace's Great Aunt Olive . While Monroe was living with Olive , her son also sexually assaulted Monroe .When Monroe got older she was married three different times and divorced three different times . she was married to James Dougherty, Joe DiMaggio, and Arthur Miller. I will now be mentioning some of the main issues in Monroe's life . The two main issues that occurred in her life was being constantly moved around and sexually assaulted multiple times . Monroe had some issues with hyper sexuality, sleep disturbances, substance abuse, and disturbed interpersonal relationships . I believe the hyper sexuality was caused by being sexually assaulted when she was younger . Before her death she was ll, had physical problems, a reputation for being unreliable, and very difficult to work with. her death was assumed to be a probable suicide ; overdose of medication.